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An approximate timeline of Deh Cho Bridge events.


  • February - GNWT receives preliminary feasibility study from the Fort Providence Combined Council Alliance
  • May 2 - FMB approves $200,000 contribution to FPCCA to begin negotiations, and a further $200,000 for the Department of Transportation for various review and analysis studies.
  • November 15 - Memorandum of Intent signed between the GNWT and the Alliance, setting out many of the terms of what would later become the Concession Agreement.
  • November 28 - Deh Cho Bridge Corporation is incorporated, with the shareholders being the Deh Gah Got’ie First Nation and the Fort Providence Metis Council.


  • March 7 - Deh Cho Bridge Act introduced by Minister of Transportation Joe Handley
  • April 14 - INAC contributes $200,000 to DCBC
  • May 28 - DCBC applies to MVLWB for Type "B" Water License
  • June 13 - Deh Cho Bridge Act passed into law.
  • Oct 21 - Concession Agreement initialed (agreement in principle).


  • January 6 - Letter and Screening Report from DFO sends bridge project to MVEIRB for review.
  • April 13 - The Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Regional Partnership Fund announces a $3 million grant to Deh Cho Bridge Corporation. [1]
  • June 10 - DCBC presentation to MVEIRB.
  • June 17 - DCBC applies to MVLWB for Land Use Permit
  • October 21 - MVEIRB holds public hearing in Fort Providence
  • December 10 - MVEIRB recommends to the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs that the project does not need an environmental impact review.


  • March 15 - INAC announces acceptance of the MVEIRB recommendation.
  • April 5 - Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board distributes draft Water License
  • July 13 - MVLWB issues Water License and Land Use Permit to DCBC
  • October - Project tendered; one bidder, rejected due to price.
  • November - Navigational Waters Protection Act approval issued.


  • February - Project retendered, price still too high. "Project shelved".
  • July - Updated PROLOG traffic forecast


  • March - With no federal infrastructure funding forthcoming (the GNWT had requested $50 million), the GNWT commits to an extra $2 million annual subsidy to fill the funding gap.
  • July - Atcon Construction submits a guaranteed maximum price tender ($130 million???).
  • August 22 - Premier Handley announces he will not be running in the Oct 1 election.
  • August 24 - "Limited Approval to Proceed" signed and official celebration held in Fort Providence.
  • September 28 - Concession Agreement signed
  • October 1 - NWT General Election
  • December - Updated Cost-Benefit analysis.


  • January 30 - Atcon agrees to take $2 million equity stake in the DCBC, after an unnamed Alberta company demands last-minute changes in its agreement to provide the funding.
  • February 7-8 - Concession Agreement provided to NWT MLAs, revised cost-benefit analysis made public.
  • February 22 - $165.4 million funding from bond issue provided.
  • March - construction begins


  • May - Infinity Engineering completes review of TY Lin design-change suggestions, begins redesign of superstructure.
  • June - Dispute between Atcon and its subcontractor Ruskin Construction stops construction work. DCBC takes foundations site work responsibility away from Atcon.
  • July 24 - DCBC contracts with Ruskin directly for work on North piers and abutments.
  • December - Negotiations fail between DCBC and Atcon to adjust the contract based on the new design. Atcon is removed from the project, and will have its equity stake bought out by DCBC.


  • January - Infinity completes final bridge design, which is approved the by GNWT.
  • February - Negotiation of revised cost and schedule for superstructure and deck, and revised construction contract. Limited Notices to Proceed issued to ensure shop drawings commence.
  • February - GNWT announces it will take over management of the project from the DCBC. Existing project management team will be replaced.
  • February 18 - GNWT introduces supplementary budget appropriation to advance an additional $15 million in construction financing to the Deh Cho Bridge Corporation. Discussed in committee February 23, and passed February 26.
  • February 25 - Atcon Construction (no longer involved with the bridge project) placed under bankruptcy protection in New Brunswick.
  • March 3 - Ruskin Construction announced as the new general contractor, with Associated Engineering providing engineering oversight.
  • March 8 - The GNWT announces that it will consider legislation to allow it to assume and administer the assets and debts of the Deh Cho Bridge project.


  1. INAC announcement