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The Obstacle

  • Mackenzie River - one of the world's longest rivers, it has vexingly decided to flow south of much of the NWT's population, requiring a crossing.

The Proponents

  • Michael Vandell - President of the Deh Cho Bridge Corporation
  • Andrew Gamble - former senior civil servant, consultant and original DCBC Project Manager for the Bridge project, 2003-2010.


Government of the Northwest Territories


  • Joe Handley - premier of the NWT, 2004-2007, Minister of Transportation and Finance, 2000-2003.
  • Floyd Roland - Minister of Finance September 2004-2007, Premier of the NWT 2007-2011.
  • Kevin Menicoche - former Minister of Transportation (until October 2007); signed the Concession Agreement. Currently a Regular Member of the Legislature.
  • Michael McLeod - Minister of Transportation, 2007-2011. MLA for Deh Cho, including Fort Providence and the Bridge.
  • David Ramsay - Until October 2011, a vigorous critic of the Bridge project as a Yellowknife MLA. After, Minister of Transportation, responsible for the Bridge project.
  • Jane Groenewegen - Hay River, frequent critic of the Bridge project.
  • Bob McLeod - Premier of the NWT from October 2011.

Civil Servants

  • Earl Blacklock - public affairs, Department of Transportation
  • Kevin McLeod - project manager (Phase 2), Department of Transportation

Government of Canada

  • Federal Government - the Blue Meanies (or perhaps Red Meanies, as it was a Liberal administration). Denied infrastructure funding requests.
  • INAC - provided $3 million (or was it $1.8 million) to DCBC under Regional Partnership Program
  • DFO - Department of Fisheries and Oceans - protector of waters and defender of the little fishies
  • MVEIRB - environmental arbiter whose mills grind slowly but sure

The Designers

Road Team (DCBC)

Home Team (GNWT)

Relief Pitchers


The Constructors

  • Atcon Construction - original general contractor through 2009. Unable to agree on price after redesign; left project. Currently in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Ruskin Construction - new general contractor as of 2010. Previously major subcontractor on the project.

The Financiers

Interested Parties