Atcon Deficiencies

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The December 2011 Construction Update indicated $13.3 million is available for fixing Atcon deficiencies, the amount of Atcon's construction bond. This was guaranteed by the Government of New Brunswick, which had to supply the funds after Atcon entered bankruptcy.

The 2011 Update indicated $5.6 million has been spent on Atcon deficiencies, with another $3-5 million to come. A news story in February 2013 increased the amount spent to $6.5 million. The total spend will not be known until Atcon's work is fully inspected in the summer of 2013 and the full extent of any deficiencies and necessary repairs and remediation work is known. At report tabled in the NWT Legislature showed 4 items remaining; two small ones totalling $70,000, and two (additional scour rock and potential repair to one of the piers) likely to be larger and requiring tenders. Any money remaining after this is carried out would be returned to the government of New Brunswick.