Bathurst Inlet Port and Road Project

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The Bathurst Inlet Port and Road Project ("BIPR" or "BIPAR") is a proposal to build a port facility at the southern end of Bathurst Inlet, with a road leading southwest to service various mining projects. Of interest to the Deh Cho Bridge is the possibility that resupply to the diamond mines (diesel fuel and other supplies) which currently passes over the Bridge would instead be landed at the Bathurst port. Such a scenario could potentially reduce bridge tolls drastically.

The current proponents have recently indicated they are looking at pursuing a two-phase approach to the BIPR project, with the first phase limited to the port facility and the first 85 km of road to the Sabina and Xstrata projects. The second phase, extending the road to meet the existing winter road from Yellowknife, would be considered at some future date. This would seem to indicate that the displacement of Deh Cho Bridge freight is not a no-brainer even with the port constructed, and might not happen even if the port is built.

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