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There are a few reports that I've seen mentioned that I can't seem to find on the Department of Transportation website.

Hunting For

  • Agreement in Principle - DCBC and GNWT, November 2003.
  • DOT’s Ferry Strategy/Plan of Action entitled “On Course” (mentioned in 2011/12 Business Plan).
  • A feasibility study for a Seasonal Overland Road from Tibbett Lake to Lockhart Lake (mentioned in DoT's Nov 2011 On Track publication). Has this been completed, and would it be possible to obtain a copy? Still in progress
  • There's also a "Tlicho Road Corridor Study" mentioned, an "an economic analysis of the costs and benefits of realigning the Tlicho winter road to an overland route". Couldn't seem to find a copy of that anywhere.
  • KAVIK-AXYS Inc. 2008. Multi-level mapping and route analysis Tlicho transportation corridor. Route Identification and Evaluation. Prepared for Department of Transporation. (from Fortune's NICO Developer's Assessment Report) - this may be same as above.

* Bridge Design Review Report #3 (April 2009), by BP-TEC/TY Lin. This was extensively quoted in an NNSL article, so presumably copies are out there in the wild, but I can't seem to find it. The Levelton report mentions it along with reports #1 and #2.

Website broken links

*On DoT's MVEIRB Documents Related to Deh Cho Bridge page (linked from the DoT Deh Cho Bridge page), all the MVEIRB links are broken, since they changed their website name. They should be very easily fixed by replacing "" with "" in all the URLs.

*On the Deh Cho Bridge Project website (or does Associated maintain this?), the Info page Technical Briefing Presentation (July 28 2009) - link is broken and should be to (not the "documentManagerUpload" link)