Fort Providence Combined Council Alliance

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The Fort Providence Combined Council Alliance was an ad hoc combination of three main Fort Providence governing groups, for the purpose of making a Deh Cho Bridge PPP proposal. The members were the Deh Gah Gotie Dene Council, the Fort Providence Métis council, and the Hamlet of Fort Providence.

The Alliance put forth a preliminary feasibility study to the GNWT in February 2002, and signed a Memorandum of Intent in November. At that point the Deh Cho Bridge Corporation was incorporated as the special-purpose entity for the Bridge. The Dene and Metis groups were the two original shareholders; the Hamlet did not appear to have any official role in the corporation.

With the ending of the concession agreement, the Community Opportunities and Involvement Agreement refers to the two native groups as "the Community", and they or an entity they designate will receive the grants being provided under that agreement.