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Infinity Engineering Group is a North Vancouver firm that specializes in design and construction engineering of bridges. It was brought on to the project in January 2009 by the DCBC to provide design support, as the original designer, JR Spronken & Associates, had left the project a year earlier. It initially evaluated possible remedies to the various problems with the bridge design that were outstanding. It also investigated the possibility of a complete redesign of the superstructure.

At some point in mid-2009 it was decided to go with the redesign option, which Infinity worked on for six months, issuing final construction drawings in January 2010. Key changes of the redesigned superstructure include:

  • a continuous superstructure, without the two expansion joints of the previous design. The jointless design is expected to save in construction and maintenance costs.
  • redesign of the cable-stay system
  • 25% reduction of steel and 30% reduction of concrete

The Deh Cho Bridge will reputedly be the longest jointless bridge in North America.

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