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J.R. Spronken and Associates (John R. Spronken, principal) did design work on the Bridge, from 2003-2008, and issued the official construction drawings. Spronken submitted a fee proposal to Jivkov Engineering (which was apparently Spronken's client, not the DCBC) in August 5, 2003 and subsequently signed and engineering contract, but was presumably involved before this, as they are already mentioned on drawings submitted by the DCBC to the MVLWB in May 2003. The Fort Providence Combined Council Alliance had some sort of preliminary design back at the end of 2001, but it is uncertain at what point Spronken began work on the design.

As the signing of the Concession Agreement approached in 2008, apparently Spronken and Jivkov were unable to come to agreement on a continuing role for Spronken in supervising the construction of its design. Spronken left the project in February 2008, outlining in a letter (the "Spronken Letter".[1]) its views on its design and drawings. Specifically, it asserted

  • "...no responsibility or liability whatsoever in connection with the use, interpretation, modification or other application of its drawings on a go forward basis, other than in strict accordance with the Spronken certified Issued for Construction drawings.",

and that

  • "all such changes, modifications or interpretations must be fully reviewed, approved and certified by a duly qualified design engineer in accordance with prudent engineering practice and the applicable professional standards."

As modifications were made during the construction of the substructure, and a complete redesign of the superstructure, it can be assumed that Spronken's position would be that they are not responsible. Whether the GNWT feels that Spronken has any liability for the delay costs is unknown.


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