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Was it truly impossible to convince the feds to allow GNWT financing of a bridge project.

Would DCBC have been able to obtain financing in the $50-$60 million range without GNWT loan guarantees?

What was the expectation for the DCBC's take from the bridge, given the costs and traffic levels anticipated in the 2002-2004 timeframe, and was this ever clearly communicated.

Alternatives to DCBC?

Would the $50-65 million cost estimate for the Bridge ever have been achievable at tender in 2003-2004?

The DCBC's Developer's Assessment Report from May 2004 put the cost at $57 million ($51 estimated for construction). They were still publicly using a $60 million ballpark late in 2005 before bids came back. But the bids came back in the $140-180 million range, and it is fair to wonder whether the DCBC ever had a good handle on the price of building their design.

Atcon??? Other bids?

Why proceed before complete design review or constructability verification? Would this be considered prudent on similar projects?

What would the cost-benefit analysis report look like with updated numbers?