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Michael McLeod was the Minister of Transportation during portions of the Bridge's development and construction. He was the MLA for the Deh Cho riding, which includes Fort Providence and the Bridge, from 1999 until 2011. He was previously the mayor of Fort Providence, is a former President of the Fort Providence Métis Council and has served as the band manager for the Deh Gah Got'ie Dene Band. He was also for several years a private contractor.

Although McLeod previously served as Minister of Transportation from December 2003-October 2006, and took over the department again in June 2008, he was serving in other positions during the period the project was revived and eventually 2006, and so it was the then-minister, Kevin Menicoche, who signed the Concession Agreement, and Norman Yakeleya who was minister for the months after that as the amendments were made, the project debated in the Assembly, and construction began. McLeod was succeeded as Minister by David Ramsay, who at times had been a vocal critic of the Bridge project.

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