North Slave mines

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Here are the mines currently or potentially generating freight traffic along the winter road (freight which would have crossed the Bridge previously at some point).


  • Ekati - closure planned for 2018 (as of the 2011 LOM)
  • Diavik - 2024 on lastest Diavik estimate.


  • Jericho - might provide additional traffic for a few years if it reopens.


  • NICO Bismuth/gold/mineral project - 50km north of Whati (not on the winter road route). Currently under review by MVEIRB. Go-ahead would likely require GNWT to build the Tlicho all-weather access road to Whati and Gameti. Estimated mine life of around 18 years, with a year and a half of construction so perhaps production starting 2015 or 2016. This mine is especially of interest to the Bridge because in addition to its fuel and other needs it will generate very significant tonnage (65,000 tonnes/year) of ore concentrate south to Hay River over the bridge.
  • Courageous Lake - possible gold mine, perhaps 16 years traffic should it ever be built. Seabridge is currently completing a preliminary feasibility study.