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The Toll Revenues are the funds to be generated from charging commercial vehicles for crossing the bridge. Tolls will be collected by the GNWT and remitted to the DCBC as part of the annual Base Amount.

Most bridge project planning revolved around setting toll rates so that they are effectively $6/tonne of freight, in 2003 dollars, but indexed to inflation. The toll for 2012 will likely be around $7.15/tonne. The Toll System Protocol anticipates charging commercial trucks at three basic fees, based on the number of axles (not the tonnage it is carrying).

  • Tractor-Train (7 or more axles) - 100% of Base Toll Rate, which is likely to be around $275 in 2012.
  • Tractor-Trailer (4-6 axles) - 60% of Base Toll Rate. Likely around $165 in 2012.
  • Truck (2-3 axles) - 25% of Base Toll Rate. Likely around $70 in 2012.

Buses are exempt from the tolls. There is no toll non-commercial (passenger) vehicles, or those under 4000 kilograms Gross Vehicle Weight.

The annual revenue from the tolls will depend on the amount of commercial traffic that crosses the Bridge (see Traffic Forecasts).

The costs of setting up and operating the toll collection infrastructure is not included in the Bridge's budget. The 2004 figures in an IBI report for the GNWT were around $1.4 million in capital costs and another $700,000 per year in operating costs, which seems fairly high. The Department of Transportation awarded a $67,000 consultation contract in June 2010 to IBI to design and recommend a system. They've since indicated that the capital costs of the tolling system may be around $1 million (which is not included in the construction budget), but have provided no guidance on annual toll collection costs.

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